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1 //
2 // Copyright 2016 Pixar
3 //
4 // Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "Apache License")
5 // with the following modification; you may not use this file except in
6 // compliance with the Apache License and the following modification to it:
7 // Section 6. Trademarks. is deleted and replaced with:
8 //
9 // 6. Trademarks. This License does not grant permission to use the trade
10 // names, trademarks, service marks, or product names of the Licensor
11 // and its affiliates, except as required to comply with Section 4(c) of
12 // the License and to reproduce the content of the NOTICE file.
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14 // You may obtain a copy of the Apache License at
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18 // Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
19 // distributed under the Apache License with the above modification is
21 // KIND, either express or implied. See the Apache License for the specific
22 // language governing permissions and limitations under the Apache License.
23 //
30 //
31 // This is an automatically generated file (by
32 // Do not hand-edit!
33 //
36 #include "pxr/pxr.h"
37 #include "pxr/usd/usdPhysics/api.h"
38 #include "pxr/base/tf/staticData.h"
39 #include "pxr/base/tf/token.h"
40 #include <vector>
64  USDPHYSICS_API UsdPhysicsTokensType();
100  const TfToken drive;
128  const TfToken force;
136  const TfToken limit;
156  const TfToken none;
316  const TfToken rotX;
320  const TfToken rotY;
324  const TfToken rotZ;
340  const TfToken x;
344  const TfToken y;
348  const TfToken z;
418  const std::vector<TfToken> allTokens;
419 };
429 #endif
const TfToken limit
Definition: tokens.h:136
const TfToken physicsSimulationOwner
Definition: tokens.h:296
const TfToken physicsDiagonalInertia
Definition: tokens.h:208
const TfToken x
Definition: tokens.h:340
const TfToken transX
Definition: tokens.h:328
const TfToken physicsJointEnabled
Definition: tokens.h:240
const TfToken distance
Definition: tokens.h:96
const TfToken PhysicsScene
Definition: tokens.h:412
const TfToken meshSimplification
Definition: tokens.h:152
const TfToken drive_MultipleApplyTemplate_PhysicsTargetPosition
Definition: tokens.h:116
const TfToken PhysicsFixedJoint
Definition: tokens.h:376
const TfToken physicsLowerLimit
Definition: tokens.h:264
const TfToken physicsRestitution
Definition: tokens.h:288
const std::vector< TfToken > allTokens
A vector of all of the tokens listed above.
Definition: tokens.h:418
const TfToken PhysicsJoint
Definition: tokens.h:380
const TfToken physicsLocalPos1
Definition: tokens.h:252
const TfToken rotX
Definition: tokens.h:316
const TfToken rotZ
Definition: tokens.h:324
const TfToken convexHull
Definition: tokens.h:92
const TfToken PhysicsRevoluteJoint
Definition: tokens.h:404
const TfToken physicsConeAngle1Limit
Definition: tokens.h:200
UsdPhysicsTokens provides static, efficient TfTokens for use in all public USD API.
Definition: tokens.h:63
const TfToken PhysicsMeshCollisionAPI
Definition: tokens.h:396
const TfToken PhysicsRigidBodyAPI
Definition: tokens.h:408
const TfToken PhysicsLimitAPI
Definition: tokens.h:384
const TfToken physicsLocalRot1
Definition: tokens.h:260
const TfToken PhysicsSphericalJoint
Definition: tokens.h:416
const TfToken y
Definition: tokens.h:344
const TfToken physicsApproximation
Definition: tokens.h:164
const TfToken rotY
Definition: tokens.h:320
const TfToken physicsConeAngle0Limit
Definition: tokens.h:196
const TfToken limit_MultipleApplyTemplate_PhysicsLow
Definition: tokens.h:144
Token for efficient comparison, assignment, and hashing of known strings.
Definition: token.h:87
const TfToken physicsDensity
Definition: tokens.h:204
const TfToken PhysicsDistanceJoint
Definition: tokens.h:364
USDPHYSICS_API TfStaticData< UsdPhysicsTokensType > UsdPhysicsTokens
A global variable with static, efficient TfTokens for use in all public USD API.
Create or return a previously created object instance of global data.
Definition: staticData.h:114
const TfToken physicsBreakTorque
Definition: tokens.h:184
const TfToken PhysicsDriveAPI
Definition: tokens.h:368
const TfToken drive_MultipleApplyTemplate_PhysicsStiffness
Definition: tokens.h:112
const TfToken physicsMaxDistance
Definition: tokens.h:272
const TfToken drive_MultipleApplyTemplate_PhysicsType
Definition: tokens.h:124
const TfToken physicsUpperLimit
Definition: tokens.h:308
const TfToken physicsGravityDirection
Definition: tokens.h:228
const TfToken angular
Definition: tokens.h:72
const TfToken physicsFilteredPairs
Definition: tokens.h:224
const TfToken physicsRigidBodyEnabled
Definition: tokens.h:292
const TfToken PhysicsMassAPI
Definition: tokens.h:388
const TfToken boundingCube
Definition: tokens.h:76
const TfToken physicsGravityMagnitude
Definition: tokens.h:232
const TfToken drive_MultipleApplyTemplate_PhysicsDamping
Definition: tokens.h:104
const TfToken PhysicsCollisionAPI
Definition: tokens.h:356
const TfToken physicsStartsAsleep
Definition: tokens.h:300
const TfToken physicsVelocity
Definition: tokens.h:312
const TfToken PhysicsMaterialAPI
Definition: tokens.h:392
const TfToken convexDecomposition
Definition: tokens.h:88
const TfToken physicsMergeGroup
Definition: tokens.h:276
const TfToken physicsLocalRot0
Definition: tokens.h:256
const TfToken limit_MultipleApplyTemplate_PhysicsHigh
Definition: tokens.h:140
const TfToken colliders
Definition: tokens.h:84
const TfToken physicsBreakForce
Definition: tokens.h:180
const TfToken physicsBody1
Definition: tokens.h:176
const TfToken physicsDynamicFriction
Definition: tokens.h:212
const TfToken PhysicsPrismaticJoint
Definition: tokens.h:400
const TfToken kilogramsPerUnit
Definition: tokens.h:132
const TfToken transY
Definition: tokens.h:332
const TfToken physicsStaticFriction
Definition: tokens.h:304
const TfToken boundingSphere
Definition: tokens.h:80
const TfToken PhysicsArticulationRootAPI
Definition: tokens.h:352
const TfToken physicsKinematicEnabled
Definition: tokens.h:244
const TfToken physicsMass
Definition: tokens.h:268
const TfToken physicsPrincipalAxes
Definition: tokens.h:284
const TfToken physicsMinDistance
Definition: tokens.h:280
const TfToken physicsLocalPos0
Definition: tokens.h:248
const TfToken none
Definition: tokens.h:156
const TfToken PhysicsFilteredPairsAPI
Definition: tokens.h:372
const TfToken physicsAxis
Definition: tokens.h:168
const TfToken physicsBody0
Definition: tokens.h:172
const TfToken physicsInvertFilteredGroups
Definition: tokens.h:236
const TfToken physicsCollisionEnabled
Definition: tokens.h:192
const TfToken transZ
Definition: tokens.h:336
const TfToken acceleration
Definition: tokens.h:68
const TfToken physicsAngularVelocity
Definition: tokens.h:160
const TfToken physicsCenterOfMass
Definition: tokens.h:188
const TfToken drive
Definition: tokens.h:100
const TfToken physicsExcludeFromArticulation
Definition: tokens.h:216
const TfToken drive_MultipleApplyTemplate_PhysicsMaxForce
Definition: tokens.h:108
const TfToken z
Definition: tokens.h:348
const TfToken linear
Definition: tokens.h:148
const TfToken drive_MultipleApplyTemplate_PhysicsTargetVelocity
Definition: tokens.h:120
TfToken class for efficient string referencing and hashing, plus conversions to and from stl string c...
const TfToken force
Definition: tokens.h:128
const TfToken PhysicsCollisionGroup
Definition: tokens.h:360
const TfToken physicsFilteredGroups
Definition: tokens.h:220