HgiCapabilities Class Referenceabstract

Reports the capabilities of the Hgi device. More...

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Public Member Functions

bool IsSet (HgiDeviceCapabilities mask) const
virtual HGI_API int GetAPIVersion () const =0
virtual HGI_API int GetShaderVersion () const =0
HGI_API size_t GetMaxUniformBlockSize () const
HGI_API size_t GetMaxShaderStorageBlockSize () const
HGI_API size_t GetUniformBufferOffsetAlignment () const
HGI_API size_t GetMaxClipDistances () const
HGI_API size_t GetPageSizeAlignment () const

Protected Member Functions

void _SetFlag (HgiDeviceCapabilities mask, bool value)

Protected Attributes

size_t _maxUniformBlockSize
size_t _maxShaderStorageBlockSize
size_t _uniformBufferOffsetAlignment
size_t _maxClipDistances
size_t _pageSizeAlignment

Detailed Description

Reports the capabilities of the Hgi device.

Definition at line 39 of file capabilities.h.

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