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HdModelDrawMode Struct Reference

Describes optional alternative imaging behavior for prims. More...

#include <sceneDelegate.h>

Public Member Functions

 HdModelDrawMode (TfToken const &drawMode_, bool applyDrawMode_=false, GfVec3f drawModeColor_=GfVec3f(0.18), TfToken const &cardGeometry_=HdModelDrawModeTokens->cross, SdfAssetPath cardTextureXPos_=SdfAssetPath(), SdfAssetPath cardTextureYPos_=SdfAssetPath(), SdfAssetPath cardTextureZPos_=SdfAssetPath(), SdfAssetPath cardTextureXNeg_=SdfAssetPath(), SdfAssetPath cardTextureYNeg_=SdfAssetPath(), SdfAssetPath cardTextureZNeg_=SdfAssetPath())
bool operator== (HdModelDrawMode const &rhs) const
bool operator!= (HdModelDrawMode const &rhs) const

Public Attributes

TfToken drawMode
bool applyDrawMode
GfVec3f drawModeColor
TfToken cardGeometry
SdfAssetPath cardTextureXPos
SdfAssetPath cardTextureYPos
SdfAssetPath cardTextureZPos
SdfAssetPath cardTextureXNeg
SdfAssetPath cardTextureYNeg
SdfAssetPath cardTextureZNeg

Detailed Description

Describes optional alternative imaging behavior for prims.

Some scene delegates, like the UsdImagingDelegate, will pre-flatten this data, but other scene delegates may wish to use this to pipe the data through to a draw mode resolving scene index (see UsdImagingDrawModeSceneIndex as an example of such a scene index).

There is currently no plan to add emulation support for this information, such as via HdLegacyPrimSceneIndex or HdSceneIndexAdapterSceneDelegate.

Definition at line 217 of file sceneDelegate.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ HdModelDrawMode() [1/2]

HdModelDrawMode ( )

Definition at line 236 of file sceneDelegate.h.

◆ HdModelDrawMode() [2/2]

HdModelDrawMode ( TfToken const &  drawMode_,
bool  applyDrawMode_ = false,
GfVec3f  drawModeColor_ = GfVec3f(0.18),
TfToken const &  cardGeometry_ = HdModelDrawModeTokens->cross,
SdfAssetPath  cardTextureXPos_ = SdfAssetPath(),
SdfAssetPath  cardTextureYPos_ = SdfAssetPath(),
SdfAssetPath  cardTextureZPos_ = SdfAssetPath(),
SdfAssetPath  cardTextureXNeg_ = SdfAssetPath(),
SdfAssetPath  cardTextureYNeg_ = SdfAssetPath(),
SdfAssetPath  cardTextureZNeg_ = SdfAssetPath() 

Definition at line 243 of file sceneDelegate.h.

Member Function Documentation

◆ operator!=()

bool operator!= ( HdModelDrawMode const &  rhs) const

Definition at line 273 of file sceneDelegate.h.

◆ operator==()

bool operator== ( HdModelDrawMode const &  rhs) const

Definition at line 261 of file sceneDelegate.h.

Member Data Documentation

◆ applyDrawMode

bool applyDrawMode

Definition at line 222 of file sceneDelegate.h.

◆ cardGeometry

TfToken cardGeometry

Definition at line 227 of file sceneDelegate.h.

◆ cardTextureXNeg

SdfAssetPath cardTextureXNeg

Definition at line 232 of file sceneDelegate.h.

◆ cardTextureXPos

SdfAssetPath cardTextureXPos

Definition at line 229 of file sceneDelegate.h.

◆ cardTextureYNeg

SdfAssetPath cardTextureYNeg

Definition at line 233 of file sceneDelegate.h.

◆ cardTextureYPos

SdfAssetPath cardTextureYPos

Definition at line 230 of file sceneDelegate.h.

◆ cardTextureZNeg

SdfAssetPath cardTextureZNeg

Definition at line 234 of file sceneDelegate.h.

◆ cardTextureZPos

SdfAssetPath cardTextureZPos

Definition at line 231 of file sceneDelegate.h.

◆ drawMode

TfToken drawMode

Definition at line 220 of file sceneDelegate.h.

◆ drawModeColor

GfVec3f drawModeColor

Definition at line 224 of file sceneDelegate.h.

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