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TfPyWrapEnum< T, IsScopedEnum > Class Template Reference

Used to wrap enum types for script. More...

#include <pyEnum.h>

Public Member Functions

 TfPyWrapEnum (std::string const &name=std::string())
 Construct an enum wrapper object.

Detailed Description

template<typename T, bool IsScopedEnum = !std::is_convertible<T, int>::value>
class TfPyWrapEnum< T, IsScopedEnum >

Used to wrap enum types for script.

TfPyWrapEnum provides a way to wrap enums for python, tying in with the TfEnum system, and potentially providing automatic wrapping by using names registered with the TfEnum system and by making some assumptions about the way we structure our code. Enums that are not registered with TfEnum may be manually wrapped using boost::python::enum_ instead.

Example usage. For an enum that looks like this:

enum FooChoices {

Which has been registered in the TfEnum system and has names provided for all values, it may be wrapped like this:

Used to wrap enum types for script.
Definition: pyEnum.h:358

The enum will appear in script as Foo.Choices.{First, Second, Third} and the values will also appear as Foo.{First, Second, Third}.

An enum may be given an explicit name by passing a string to TfPyWrapEnum's constructor.

If the enum is a C++11 scoped enum (aka enum class), the values will appear as Foo.Choices.{First, Second, Third} in the following example:

enum class FooChoices {

Definition at line 358 of file pyEnum.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ TfPyWrapEnum()

TfPyWrapEnum ( std::string const &  name = std::string())

Construct an enum wrapper object.

If name is provided, it is used as the name of the enum. Otherwise the type name of T is used, with a leading MFB package name stripped.

Definition at line 371 of file pyEnum.h.

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