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class  UsdGeomXformCommonAPI
 This class provides API for authoring and retrieving a standard set of component transformations which include a scale, a rotation, a scale-rotate pivot and a translation. More...
struct  UsdGeomXformCommonAPI::Ops
 Return type for CreateXformOps(). More...

Class Documentation

◆ UsdGeomXformCommonAPI::Ops

struct UsdGeomXformCommonAPI::Ops

Return type for CreateXformOps().

Stores the op of each type that is present on the prim. The order of members in this struct corresponds to the expected op order for XformCommonAPI.

Definition at line 194 of file xformCommonAPI.h.

Class Members
UsdGeomXformOp inversePivotOp
UsdGeomXformOp pivotOp
UsdGeomXformOp rotateOp
UsdGeomXformOp scaleOp
UsdGeomXformOp translateOp