tf Directory Reference
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file  anyWeakPtr.h [code]
 Type independent WeakPtr holder class.
file  atomicOfstreamWrapper.h [code]
 Atomic file writer with ofstream interface.
file  bitUtils.h [code]
file  callContext.h [code]
 Functions for recording call locations.
file  cxxCast.h [code]
 C++ Cast Utilities.
file  debug.h [code]
 Conditional debugging output class and macros.
file  debugNotice.h [code]
file  declarePtrs.h [code]
 Standard pointer typedefs.
file  denseHashMap.h [code]
file  denseHashSet.h [code]
file  diagnostic.h [code]
 Low-level utilities for informing users of various internal and external diagnostic conditions.
file  diagnosticBase.h [code]
file  diagnosticLite.h [code]
 Stripped down version of diagnostic.h that doesn't define std::string.
file  diagnosticMgr.h [code]
file  dl.h [code]
 Interface for opening code libraries.
file  enum.h [code]
file  envSetting.h [code]
 Environment setting variable.
file  error.h [code]
 Provide facilities for error handling in script.
file  errorMark.h [code]
file  errorTransport.h [code]
file  exception.h [code]
file  expiryNotifier.h [code]
file  fastCompression.h [code]
 Simple fast data compression/decompression routines.
file  fileUtils.h [code]
 Definitions of basic file utilities in tf.
file  getenv.h [code]
 Functions for accessing environment variables.
file  hash.h [code]
file  instantiateSingleton.h [code]
 Manage a single instance of an object.
file  iterator.h [code]
 A simple iterator adapter for STL containers.
file  makePyConstructor.h [code]
 An injected constructor mechanism that works with polymorphic wrapped classes.
file  mallocTag.h [code]
file  notice.h [code]
file  ostreamMethods.h [code]
 Handy ostream output for various lib/tf and STL containers.
file  pathUtils.h [code]
 Definitions of basic path utilities in tf.
file  patternMatcher.h [code]
 A simple glob and regex matching utility.
file  preprocessorUtils.h [code]
file  py3Compat.h [code]
 Compatibility code for supporting python 2 and 3.
file  pyCall.h [code]
 Utilities for calling python callables.
file  pyContainerConversions.h [code]
 Utilities for providing C++ <-> Python container support.
file  pyEnum.h [code]
 Provide facilities for wrapping enums for script.
file  pyInterpreter.h [code]
 Python runtime utilities.
file  pyInvoke.h [code]
 Flexible, high-level interface for calling Python functions.
file  pyOptional.h [code]
file  pyPolymorphic.h [code]
file  pyPtrHelpers.h [code]
 Enables wrapping of Weak or Ref & Weak held types to python.
file  pySafePython.h [code]
 Intended to replace a direct include of Python.h, which causes several build problems with certain configurations and platforms (e.g., debug builds on Windows, Qt slots keyword, etc.)
file  pyStaticTokens.h [code]
file  pyUtils.h [code]
 Miscellaneous Utilities for dealing with script.
file  refBase.h [code]
file  refCount.h [code]
file  refPtr.h [code]
 Reference counting.
file  refPtrTracker.h [code]
file  registryManager.h [code]
file  regTest.h [code]
 Support for simple regression tests.
file  safeOutputFile.h [code]
 Safe file writer with FILE * interface.
file  safeTypeCompare.h [code]
 Safely compare C++ RTTI type structures.
file  setenv.h [code]
 Functions for setting and unsetting environment variables.
file  singleton.h [code]
 Manage a single instance of an object.
file  smallVector.h [code]
file  span.h [code]
file  staticData.h [code]
file  staticTokens.h [code]
 This file defines some macros that are useful for declaring and using static TfTokens.
file  stl.h [code]
file  stopwatch.h [code]
file  stringUtils.h [code]
 Definitions of basic string utilities in tf.
file  templateString.h [code]
file  tf.h [code]
 A file containing basic constants and definitions.
file  token.h [code]
 TfToken class for efficient string referencing and hashing, plus conversions to and from stl string containers.
file  typeFunctions.h [code]
file  typeInfoMap.h [code]
file  weakBase.h [code]
file  weakPtr.h [code]
 Pointer storage with deletion detection.