diagnosticLite.h File Reference

Stripped down version of diagnostic.h that doesn't define std::string. More...

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enum  TfDiagnosticType : int {
 Enum describing various diagnostic conditions. More...

Detailed Description

Stripped down version of diagnostic.h that doesn't define std::string.

This file provides the same functionality as diagnostic.h, except that all strings must be passed as plain const char*, and not by std::string, and the macro TF_FUNCTION_NAME() is only defined by diagnostic.h

In particular, this header file does not include the C++ header file < string >, making inclusion of this file a very light-weight addition. Include this file, as opposed to pxr/base/tf/diagnostic.h in header files that need to remain as light-weight as possible.

These macros are safe to use in multiple threads.

Definition in file diagnosticLite.h.

Enumeration Type Documentation

◆ TfDiagnosticType

enum TfDiagnosticType : int

Enum describing various diagnostic conditions.

Definition at line 55 of file diagnosticLite.h.