NdrDiscoveryPlugin Class Referenceabstract

Interface for discovery plugins. More...

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Public Types

using Context = NdrDiscoveryPluginContext
- Public Types inherited from TfRefBase
typedef void(* UniqueChangedFuncPtr) (TfRefBase const *, bool)

Public Member Functions

virtual NDR_API NdrNodeDiscoveryResultVec DiscoverNodes (const Context &)=0
 Finds and returns all nodes that the implementing plugin should be aware of. More...
virtual NDR_API const NdrStringVec & GetSearchURIs () const =0
 Gets the URIs that this plugin is searching for nodes in. More...
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size_t GetCurrentCount () const
 Return the current reference count of this object. More...
bool IsUnique () const
 Return true if only one TfRefPtr points to this object. More...
const TfRefCountGetRefCount () const
void SetShouldInvokeUniqueChangedListener (bool shouldCall)
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 TfWeakBase (const TfWeakBase &)
const TfWeakBase__GetTfWeakBase__ () const
const TfWeakBaseoperator= (const TfWeakBase &)
void EnableNotification2 () const
TF_API void const * GetUniqueIdentifier () const

Additional Inherited Members

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static TF_API void SetUniqueChangedListener (UniqueChangedListener listener)
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TfRefPtr< Tf_Remnant > _Register () const
template<class T >
TfRefPtr< Tf_Remnant > _Register (T *tempRmnt) const
bool _HasRemnant () const

Detailed Description

Interface for discovery plugins.

Discovery plugins, like the name implies, find nodes. Where the plugin searches is up to the plugin that implements this interface. Examples of discovery plugins could include plugins that look for nodes on the filesystem, another that finds nodes in a cloud service, and another that searches a local database. Multiple discovery plugins that search the filesystem in specific locations/ways could also be created. All discovery plugins are executed as soon as the registry is instantiated.

These plugins simply report back to the registry what nodes they found in a generic way. The registry doesn't know much about the innards of the nodes yet, just that the nodes exist. Understanding the nodes is the responsibility of another set of plugins defined by the NdrParserPlugin interface.

Discovery plugins report back to the registry via NdrNodeDiscoveryResults. These are small, lightweight classes that contain the information for a single node that was found during discovery. The discovery result only includes node information that can be gleaned pre-parse, so the data is fairly limited; to see exactly what's included, and what is expected to be populated, see the documentation for NdrNodeDiscoveryResult.

How to Create a Discovery Plugin

There are three steps to creating a discovery plugin:

  • Implement the discovery plugin interface, NdrDiscoveryPlugin
  • Register your new plugin with the registry. The registration macro must be called in your plugin's implementation file:
    This macro is available in discoveryPlugin.h.
  • In the same folder as your plugin, create a plugInfo.json file. This file must be formatted like so, substituting YOUR_LIBRARY_NAME, YOUR_CLASS_NAME, and YOUR_DISPLAY_NAME:

    "Plugins": [{
    "Type": "library",
    "Name": "YOUR_LIBRARY_NAME",
    "Root": "@PLUG_INFO_ROOT@",
    "LibraryPath": "@PLUG_INFO_LIBRARY_PATH@",
    "ResourcePath": "@PLUG_INFO_RESOURCE_PATH@",
    "Info": {
    "Types": {
    "bases": ["NdrDiscoveryPlugin"],
    "displayName": "YOUR_DISPLAY_NAME"

    The NDR ships with one discovery plugin, the _NdrFilesystemDiscoveryPlugin. Take a look at NDR's plugInfo.json file for example values for YOUR_LIBRARY_NAME, YOUR_CLASS_NAME, and YOUR_DISPLAY_NAME. If multiple discovery plugins exist in the same folder, you can continue adding additional plugins under the Types key in the JSON. More detailed information about the plugInfo.json format can be found in the documentation for the plug library (in pxr/base).

Definition at line 143 of file discoveryPlugin.h.

Member Function Documentation

◆ DiscoverNodes()

virtual NDR_API NdrNodeDiscoveryResultVec DiscoverNodes ( const Context )
pure virtual

Finds and returns all nodes that the implementing plugin should be aware of.

Implemented in _NdrFilesystemDiscoveryPlugin.

◆ GetSearchURIs()

virtual NDR_API const NdrStringVec& GetSearchURIs ( ) const
pure virtual

Gets the URIs that this plugin is searching for nodes in.

Implemented in _NdrFilesystemDiscoveryPlugin.

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