Runtime Typing

Classes having to do with run-time typing. More...

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file  enum.h
file  safeTypeCompare.h
 Safely compare C++ RTTI type structures.
file  typeInfoMap.h


class  TfEnum
 An enum class that records both enum type and enum value. More...
class  TfTypeInfoMap< VALUE >
 A map whose key is a const std::type_info&, or a string alias. More...


#define TF_ADD_ENUM_NAME(VAL, ...)
 Macro used to associate a name with an enumerated value. More...

Detailed Description

Classes having to do with run-time typing.

Macro Definition Documentation


#define TF_ADD_ENUM_NAME (   VAL,

Macro used to associate a name with an enumerated value.

TF_ADD_ENUM_NAME() registers a name for an enumerated value so that the association can be accessed in calls to TfEnum::GetValueFromName(), TfEnum::GetValueFromFullName(), TfEnum::GetName(), and TfEnum::GetFullName(). It's first argument, VAL, is the symbolic name of the enumerated value or a TfEnum instance constructed from it. The name defined for the value is created by putting double quotes around the VAL argument.

An optional second argument, DISPLAY, is a name to be used for display purposes (i.e. in a user interface). The display name can contain characters like spaces and punctuation, and does not need to be a unique string. If this argument is not specified, the display name will be derived from VAL.

Only the names for which TF_ADD_ENUM_NAME() is called will be accessible with the name/value methods; you can hide values from this mechanism by not adding them.

Please note that the best way to call TF_ADD_ENUM_NAME() is using the TfRegistryManager macro TF_REGISTRY_FUNCTION().

Definition at line 449 of file enum.h.