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class  UsdGeomXformOp
 Schema wrapper for UsdAttribute for authoring and computing transformation operations, as consumed by UsdGeomXformable schema. More...





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Provides TfToken's for use in conjunction with UsdGeomXformable::Add XformOp() and UsdGeomXformOp::GetOpType(), to establish op type.

The component operation names and their meanings are:

  • translate - XYZ translation
  • scale - XYZ scale
  • rotateX - rotation about the X axis, in degrees
  • rotateY - rotation about the Y axis, in degrees
  • rotateZ - rotation about the Z axis, in degrees
  • rotateXYZ, rotateXZY, rotateYXZ, rotateYZX, rotateZXY, rotateZYX
    • a set of three canonical Euler rotations, packed into a single Vec3, for conciseness and efficiency of reading. The \em first axis named is the most local, so a single rotateXYZ is equivalent to the ordered ops "rotateZ rotateY rotateX". See also note on rotation packing order.
  • orient - arbitrary axis/angle rotation, expressed as a quaternion
  • transform - 4x4 matrix transformation
  • resetXformStack - when appearing as the first op, instructs client that the transform stack should be cleared of any inherited transformation prior to processing the rest of the prims ops. It is an error for resetXformStack to appear anywhere other than as the first element in xformOpOrder.