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file  align.h [code]
 Provide architecture-specific memory-alignment information.
file  api.h [code]
file  attributes.h [code]
 Define function attributes.
file  buildMode.h [code]
file  daemon.h [code]
 Create background or daemon processes.
file  debugger.h [code]
 Routines for interacting with a debugger.
file  defines.h [code]
file  demangle.h [code]
 Demangle C++ typenames generated by the typeid() facility.
file  env.h [code]
file  errno.h [code]
 Functions for dealing with system errors.
file  error.h [code]
 Low-level fatal error reporting.
file  export.h [code]
 Defines symbol visibility macros.
file  fileSystem.h [code]
 Architecture dependent file system access.
file  function.h [code]
 Define preprocessor function name macros.
file  functionLite.h [code]
 Define preprocessor function name macros.
file  hash.h [code]
 Hash functions.
file  hints.h [code]
 Compiler hints.
file  inttypes.h [code]
 Define integral types.
file  library.h [code]
file  mallocHook.h [code]
 Routines for controlling malloc behavior.
file  math.h [code]
 Architecture-specific math function calls.
file  pragmas.h [code]
 Pragmas for controlling compiler-specific behaviors.
file  regex.h [code]
file  stackTrace.h [code]
 Architecture-specific call-stack tracing routines.
file  symbols.h [code]
 Architecture-specific symbol lookup routines.
file  systemInfo.h [code]
 Provide architecture-specific system information.
file  threads.h [code]
 Architecture-specific thread function calls.
file  timing.h [code]
 High-resolution, low-cost timing routines.
file  virtualMemory.h [code]
 Architecture dependent routines for virtual memory.
file  vsnprintf.h [code]
 Architecture dependent memory-safe sprintf capability.