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declare.h File Reference
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typedef SdrShaderNodeSdrShaderNodePtr
 Common typedefs that are used throughout the SDR library.
typedef SdrShaderNode const * SdrShaderNodeConstPtr
typedef std::unique_ptr< SdrShaderNodeSdrShaderNodeUniquePtr
typedef std::vector< SdrShaderNodeConstPtr > SdrShaderNodePtrVec
typedef SdrShaderPropertySdrShaderPropertyPtr
typedef SdrShaderProperty const * SdrShaderPropertyConstPtr
typedef std::unique_ptr< SdrShaderPropertySdrShaderPropertyUniquePtr
typedef std::unordered_map< TfToken, SdrShaderPropertyConstPtr, TfToken::HashFunctorSdrPropertyMap

Typedef Documentation

◆ SdrPropertyMap

typedef std::unordered_map<TfToken, SdrShaderPropertyConstPtr, TfToken::HashFunctor> SdrPropertyMap

Definition at line 53 of file declare.h.

◆ SdrShaderNodeConstPtr

typedef SdrShaderNode const* SdrShaderNodeConstPtr

Definition at line 44 of file declare.h.

◆ SdrShaderNodePtr

Common typedefs that are used throughout the SDR library.

Definition at line 43 of file declare.h.

◆ SdrShaderNodePtrVec

typedef std::vector<SdrShaderNodeConstPtr> SdrShaderNodePtrVec

Definition at line 46 of file declare.h.

◆ SdrShaderNodeUniquePtr

typedef std::unique_ptr<SdrShaderNode> SdrShaderNodeUniquePtr

Definition at line 45 of file declare.h.

◆ SdrShaderPropertyConstPtr

typedef SdrShaderProperty const* SdrShaderPropertyConstPtr

Definition at line 50 of file declare.h.

◆ SdrShaderPropertyPtr

Definition at line 49 of file declare.h.

◆ SdrShaderPropertyUniquePtr

typedef std::unique_ptr<SdrShaderProperty> SdrShaderPropertyUniquePtr

Definition at line 51 of file declare.h.